Nitro Harley

 V-twin nitro  fueled.

V8 Bike

V8 purpose built sand drag machine.

Harley Unlimited

Any purpose built or factory framed machines with non-factory forced induction ie: nos/supercharger/turbo. Allowed to run extended swing arm and paddle/knobbly tire.

Harley Competition

Factory framed machine running factory induction, no forced induction allowed ie: nos/supercharger/turbo. Allowed to run extended swing arm and paddle/knobbly tyre. Engine capacity up to 127 cube inch, engines of larger capacity will push machine into Harley unlimited.

Harley Street

Any road registered factory built  Harley running any induction. Must have street type rear  tire .


Any factory framed sportster or purpose built machine powered by a sportster engine . Forced or factory induction allowed. Extended swing arm and paddle/ knobbly   tire allowed. 


Any purpose built or factory framed Destroyer

Open Unlimited

Any non Harley purpose built or factory framed machine running non factory forced induction  ie :   nos/supercharger/turbo. Extended swing arm allowed ,  paddle/ knobbly tyre allowed .

Open  Competition

Any non Harley powered factory framed machine running factory induction only. Not allowed to run forced induction , ie : nos/supercharger/turbo,  

Allowed to run extended swing arm and knobby/paddle tire.

Open Street

Any road registered non Harley powered factory built bike running any induction. MUST have street typre rear tire.



Any Three wheeled machine. Not engine restrictions. No induction restrictions. No tire restrictions.

Senior MX


Age limit 16 Years and Upward.

MX 250.   Any Mx bike 2 stroke or 4 stroke up to 250cc.

Mx Open.   Any Mx bike 2 stroke and 4 stroke 251cc upwards

Quads/Trikes 250.   Any quad up to 250cc.

Quads/Trikes OPEN.   Any quad from 251cc upwards.

Outlaw Quad.   Any factory built or purpose built machine with any engine capacity and forced induction i.e. Supercharger/NOS/Turbo. Any machine that is extensively modified so as to be deemed excessively competitive in its conventional class, thereby warranting its placement with machines of similar competitiveness.



Junior Mx


Age limit 8-15 years

Mx150.   Mx bikes up to 125cc 2 stroke and 150cc 4 stroke.

Mx250.   Mx bikes 151cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke up 250cc.

Mx OPEN.   Mx bikes 251cc and upward 2 and 4 stroke.

Quads/Trike 255.   Any quad or trike 2/4 stroke up to 250cc.

Quads/Trikes OPEN. Any quad or trike 2/4 stroke 251cc upwards.



Age under 8 years

PEEWEE 2 wheeler and quad 50cc and under.



Car.   Any purpose built vehicle running any any engine/driveline combination. NOT allowed to run NOS/Supercharger/Turbo.

Buggy.   Any purpose built non factory machine with any engine/driveline combination. NOT allowed to run NOS/Supercharger/Turbo/

Unlimited.   Any factory built car or purpose built buggy running any engine/driveline combination, NOS/Supercharger/Turbo ALLOWED.






The Goldfields Sand Drag Association staff, reserve the right to use their descretion to change a competitors class on the day in the interests of fairness.


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