Racing Procedure    

A. To go through scrutineering to be registered and receive a number and be directed where to pit ALL METHANOL BIKES/CARS NEED TO NOTIFY SCUTINEERS

B. Please be aware of the ALPHA before your number as this will be called as your class to race

C. Please follow the instructions of the officials at all times  this will allow for smooth operation of the event

D. Riders and drivers will be required to attend a start line meeting

E. Start line procedure as follows

  1. You will be called to a pre stage area
  2. You will be ushered to the start line on track
  3. You will be guided to the start beam and stopped just short
  4. You will then creep forward till you see 2 white lights at the top of the tree and stop
  5. If you go too far please go back far enough that you are out of the beams and try again
  6. Once the white lights are on STOP AND DON’T MOVE you are now staged and ready for the starter
  7. The starter will start the tree counting down once he can see both lanes staged
  8. The tree will count down 1 2 3 ambers then the green, green means GO
  9. If you go too early or move the RED light at the bottom comes on and you lose. This will end your racing in eliminations

F. QUALIFYING. You will get a short qualifying session early so listen for your ALPHA and class to be called

G.  In qualifying it doesn’t matter if you win or lose its just to practice and get familiar with the procedure

H. ELIMINATIONS. This is the important part of the day if you lose here that’s the end of racing for you. (But feel free to hang around and watch the days/nights events unfold )

I. Eliminations will end with all the finalists running their race from pee wee’s to the thundering V8 bikes as the end of the show

J. There will be a trophy presentation in the VIP area after so come along there are prizes to be won and trophies to be given


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