Terms & Conditions

All drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and hold a current drivers licence. Learner’s permits are not permitted.

Entered vehicles must be road registered, unregistered vehicles at promoter’s discretion by application. Once an Entry Form and payment are submitted to Goldfields sand drags, your entry cannot be transferred to another Entrant/Driver, another event or to credit. Entrants are permitted to change the entered vehicle at accreditation, but once through accreditation and safety check, the car cannot be changed. Entrants are permitted to drive other entered vehicles. Your vehicle, current drivers licence & registration papers must be presented at the Accreditation office. All vehicles will undergo a safety inspection. It is still the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is adequately prepared for the event. This includes but is not limited to steering, brakes, “especially pads and fluid” and brake lights, battery clamps and all other safety equipment fitted including seat belts windows etc all shall be in excellent working order. All Entrants also need to be aware that as a requirement of the West Australian Registration Act; any West Australian Registered Vehicle is required to obtain an extension of 3rd party insurance for the duration of the event. For unregistered vehicles entered or failure to obtain the extension for WA Registered Vehicles will result in the driver being personally responsible for all costs associated with injuries sustained by their passengers in the event of an accident.

GSDA  is an alcohol free event. The only acceptable blood alcohol reading for entrants at GSDA  is 0.00. Random breath testing will take place throughout the event.

Entrants are required to wear enclosed shoes while driving on the track. For  Burnouts, all entrants are required to wear helmets, enclosed footwear and non-flammable
clothing with full coverage from ankle to wrist to neck.

All Entrants/Participants are required to follow all GSDA  Staff and/or Official’s directions promptly and to full compliance.

Full price entries are accepted online and on the day at the entrant’s discretion and there will be no refunds for entry fees. Any Pre entrants that do not attend the event for any reason understand that they have willingly forfeited their entry fee and there will be no refund of any entry fees. The entry fee includes entry to the event for 1 driver and overnight camping. All Entrants/Drivers/Vehicles are accepted at the discretion of the promoter. The promoter has the right to terminate my participation in the event at any stage for whatever reason he and/or she sees fit. Entrants who have had all armbands removed due to their misbehaviour on or off the track must take responsibility for their actions and there will be no exchanges or refunds.

Any damages caused (wilfully or unwilfully) to any property belonging to anyone must be paid for. The vehicle/vehicles in question, and/or any prizes/prize money will be retained as collateral until full payment is made.

Entrants are responsible for their actions on and off the track. Police may be involved if required. Any antisocial or violent behaviour by anyone inside the venue will not be tolerated; this will result in you being evicted from the venue and reported to the police if necessary with no refunds.

Any person caught driving/attempting to drive a vehicle in the venue without the correct armbands or vehicles stickers will cause the entrant/vehicle owner to loose their driving privileges and all track access stickers will be removed from the vehicle.

By submitting the entry form I/We declare that I/We have read, understand and agree to abide by all Terms and Conditions of Entry outlined on this entry form, this Disclaimer, and the  GSDA  Event Guide. I/We declare that I/We understand these warnings, and accept all the inherent risks and danger in the event and the activities surrounding the event.

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