Warning of Risks

I/We acknowledge and agree motorsport is dangerous and that accidents can and do happen. I/We also acknowledge and agree, as a condition of entry, that in exchange for being able to attend or participate in the event (including entering the event), I agree to release the Promoters, the sponsor organisations, the land owners and lessees, the organisers of the event and their respective servants, officials, representatives and agents from all liability for my death, or any personal injury, loss or damage to my property which may be sustained or incurred by me as a result of participation in or being present at the event.

I/We acknowledge that I/We have thoroughly inspected  The Venue and found it to be in safe condition for the activities I/We intend to undertake. By using the Venue I/We indicate my acceptance of the pad's condition for the activity(s) I/We will undertake. If an act or occurrence in which I am involved or observe reduces the safety of the Track I will immediately notify the Promoter and warn other track users of the danger and/or increased risk.

Should any incident occur as a result of my failure to comply with the track Rules or  Terms & Conditions or a direction given from an official whereby a successful claim is made under any insurance policy relating to the Track/Event and an excess premium or deductible is charged by the insurer of the Track/Event I/We will, if required, pay the excess or deductible under such insurance policy except to the extent that it is paid by a third party.

I/We being the owners of the vehicle described in this entry form certify that the vehicle is roadworthy or meets or exceeds the events requirement and meets all safety requirements.

I/We certify that the particulars on this form are true and correct in every particular, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

By submitting this entry form I/We declare that I/We have read, understand and agree to all Circuit Rules, Terms and Conditions of Entry outlined on this entry form, The sand drags  Event Guide, and this Disclaimer. I/We declare that I/We understand these warnings, and accept all the inherent risks and danger in the event and the activities surrounding the event.

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